Finnish groove-thrash metal band FALLING FROM GRACE released the first single and music video from their upcoming second album!

Finnish groove-thrash metal group Falling From Grace will release their second
studio album, “At The Edge”, later in 2023 via Inverse Records. The first single
and music video, ‘The Abyss’, is released today. Check it below or here:  

The band comments:
“The Abyss has gotten its inspiration from sleep paralysis that many have told to feel a dark presence with them. You can feel that there is something in there, but you can’t see it physically. Is this only a trick of the mind, or is there something evil and dark in there with us when we can only lie down and not Imove at all?”


‘Falling From Grace’ is a groove-trash metal band from Finland, formed in 2013. Their influences come from genres like groove metal, thrash metal, death metal, metalcore, etc. As such, their music strikes the hearts of many metalheads. This five-man band always plays their gigs with 110% attitude, leaving no one in the crowd cold. Falling From Grace has released; the EP “Shadows of the Past” (2014), singles “Poseur” (2016) “, Reflection” (2020), “Break Your Neck” (2020), “In The Lies Where We Stand” (2021) and an album “Shattered” (2021). Falling From Grace is writing a new album titled “At The Edge” They plan to around the end of 2023.

Promo picture by Teppo Ristola / Teppo Ristola Photography


Timi Tonteri – Guitar
Atte Väisänen – Guitar
Niki Tonteri – Vocals
Toni Jokelainen – Bass
Valtteri Honko – Drums


Falling From Grace – The Abyss (single 2023)

Composed by Timi Tonteri, Atte Väisänen, Toni Jokelainen & Valtteri Honko.
Lyrics by Niki Tonteri

Single cover by Sami Leppäaho