Finnish Modern metal band Crest presents a new hawaiicore style – Aloha single out now from upcoming EP “Riptide”!

Finnish Hawaiicore band Crest is set to release a new EP Riptide on November 18th 2022 via Inverse Records. The first and only single ‘Aloha’ from the upcoming EP is released today. 

Aloha brings a fresh but a warm breeze to modern metal scene. The new song introduces the updated sound of Crest. The music combines straight forward modern metal with big choruses, and adds a right amount of progressive metal. Crest has branded it’s genre as Hawaiicore, which is also a big part of the band’s visuals.

Watch Aloha music video: 

In 2022 Crest is finally ready to share the ‘Hawaiicore – spectacle’ with the world and spread some joy and color to the metal community. The band worked over two years on its new Riptide – EP, and the whole re-branding of the band. We have poured our hearts and souls into this project to make it perfect. The first taste that people will get to hear from “Crest 2.0″ is the brand new single & music video ‘Aloha’.” states Eepi Karppinen / drummer

Listen/Buy Aloha single: 

Crest – Riptide EP (2022)

  1. Aloha
  2. Tiger Stripes
  3. The Wave
  4. Hempen Jig Jive
  5. Slumberland

EP cover by Michaela Tuomenoksa

Juuso Javanainen, Guitar
Eepi Karppinen, Drums
Tero Loponen, Guitar
Teemu Lehtonen, Bass
Mano Mannila, Vocals





picture by Guilty Visuals