Finnish doom metal band FUNERAL FOR TWO released a new EP!

Finnish Seinäjoki-based doom metal band Funeral For Two released their second EP named II on September 23rd 2021 via Inverse Records.

The band comments:
“The second coming of a Finnish doom/stoner band, Funeral For Two. Enjoy the low tuned, slow, heavy fuzz riffed melodies. Dead silence from the dark echoes. May the Fuzz be with you.
This EP was made under the dark shadow of a ‘well known’ pandemic.. With a little help from our friend, a great musician Jiri Mustajärvi, we made it happen! He took control over the recording and mixing these songs and also played drums. Big plans for the future ahead.. Before that…stay tuned, stay slow and stay doomed!”

Listen to II EP:

Apple Music:

Track list:

  1. The Curse Of Lord
  2. La Muerte

EP cover by: Tihu The Wolf, edited by Nora Karlsson

Gtr/voc: Mikke Sillanpää
Bass: Jetro Santaharju
Drums: Pete Rukkila  
Promo pic by: Tihu The Wolf, edited by Nora Karlsson

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