Chicago-based Thrashers AFTERMATH presents their new & stirring Lyric Video for the Song “Chaos”

On July 19ᵗʰ, Chicago-based Thrashers AFTERMATH presents their new & stirring Lyric Video for the Song “Chaos“.
( The song was originally released on the 1987 demo “Killing The Future“.
The new version including the Lyric Video serves as a bridge to the upcoming third studio album. )
Chaos” is remastered and available for streaming and downloading on all platforms. It also appears on CD via Divebomb Records on the remastered “Killing The Future“.

Chicago’s AFTERMATH is one of the pioneering crossover Thrash bands of the 1980s:
a band that transformed into one of the most technical Thrash Metal bands of its time on its critically-acclaimed debut album, “Eyes Of Tomorrow”.

On July 19, 2021, the band unleashes the official Lyric Video for the 1987 released demo track “Chaos“:

AFTERMATH’s vocalist Kyriakos ‘Charlie’ Tsiolis proclaims about it:
“We wrote ‘Chaos‘ and all the other tracks on our demo ‘Killing The Future‘ back in 1986/87. We wanted to record the fastest songs ever. Some say we accomplished it. Way before triggers and pro tools. ‘Killing The Future‘ was pure speed and aggression.”

More from Charlie:
“‘Chaos‘ – the title says it all. I wrote the lyrics back in 1986 not really understanding why I felt that way. Looking back at it now I can’t believe how relevant they are today. That’s why we’re releasing this brand new video. ‘Question everything before it’s too late.’ That’s what the message to the kid in the video is – things aren’t ok look outside your bubble.”

Pic: Peter Tsiolis

Kyriakos ‘Charlie’ Tsiolis • Vocals
Steve Sacco • Guitar
George Nektarios Lagis • Bass
Ray Schmidt • Drums

AFTERMATH are currently in the studio with Chuck Macak (Electrowerks) once again handling engineering duties.  The upcoming album will be a follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed, yet polarizing 2019 concept album “There Is Something Wrong“.  

The new record is like nothing AFTERMATH has ever written before. Then again, the band never sticks to a formula.  ‘NTTW‘ is the acronym of the title. The actual title to be revealed later perfectly captures the message of the lyrics on the album. Musically the band ebbs and flows through a sonic soundscape spanning the decades of Metal.

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