Finnish metal band Deltrem releases their first single “Social Police”

Finnish groove metal band Deltrem releases their first single “Social Police”!

Listen to the single:

The idea of Deltrem started to form, when the band’s current guitarist-composer Lauri Halonen started to come up with demos in 2019 just for his own amusement at first. But together with his long time teacher, Mikko Salovaara they started to improve those demos. With Salovaara’s guidance and constantly increasing passion for composing and making music, it was clear to Lauri that he wanted to start a band of his own.

After one hellishly drunken bar night, still uknown to each other, Lauri and the bands soon to be vocalist and composer of lyrics, Tommi met at the after party. They hit it off and so grew the band.

After coming up with ideas to couple of songs, it was time for the new addition to the band. There was no need to go far out to look for the bassist. It was clear we needed someone rough and masculine but who would have even slight brain activity. Therefore Lauri picked up the phone and dialed his long time friend Nico and so was the bass problem solved.

Since Late has always been too interrested in beer and lazy to learn to play solos well, it was clear a solo guitarist was needed. He then remembered Martti, a guitarslinger and former band mate. Martti handles his booze, his pinches wail like husky puppies and solos make you weep like in grandmas funeral.

The drummers seat remains vacant in deltrem yet, after couple of failed candidates. Still we decided that we shall wait no more. It is time for Deltrem to emerge to this world.


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