High velocity rocker Wax Mekanix has unleashed his video for the track “Black.” from his album “Mobocracy” which was released on November 20th via Electric Talon Records.

Waxim “Wax” Ulysses Mekanix is an American musician, songwriter, performer, producer, and founding member of NWOBHM cult rockers Nitro. (Not to be confused with the Hollywood band)

Wax’s perspective and work can best be described as raw, authentic, bold, uncompromising, and disconcerting. Out of a radically transformed America comes a statement from a veteran artist that’s of and for its time. Mobocracy is a focused collection of strident, aggressive, snarling, howling songs that draws on Wax’s decades of experience and influences.

Wax says, “I’m stoked to release my new video for the song, ‘Black’. This creepy, austere, exotic, nugget was written and recorded with my Crobot pals, Brandon Yeagley and Chris Bishop. We set out to fuse my vintage 20th century influences and experiences with their funky, groovy 21st century sensibilities. ‘Black’ is an ominous spanning of two centuries in 5 minutes and 5 seconds.”

Watch BLACK: https://youtu.be/kV-WjXICBB0

Purchase: https://waxmekanix.bandcamp.com/


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