Spanish Groove Metal Group GRAPESHOT release their third album: “Suckcess” on 5th of May!

On its 10th anniversary, Spanish groove metal band Grapeshot has released its third full length album. After three advancements in form of videoclip, we can finally listen to the whole album.

Madrid based band offers nine songs recorded and mixed at La Casa del Ruido by Dani Blanco (Avulsed, Haemorrhage…) and mastered at Sonimak Mastering. Under the name of ‘Suckcess’, an ambiguous pun about the issues of success or ‘sucking’ in order to get it. The band shows us it’s most aggressive side, however they keep giving some beautiful melodies that characterize them.

A journey from thrash metal to southern or groove metal, nine tunes that talks about topics such as COVID-19, depression, anxiety, defiance of authority or traffic jams as a metaphor for human evolution.

‘Suckcess’ is out from Thursday May 6th on digital platforms and physical copies are available under pre-order on their bandcamp page. Its artwork simulates a board game that overviews the highlights and lowlights of a lifetime, the concept is designed by its vocalist Esteban with the collaboration of Nell MJ as an illustrator.

The first official video clips were “Morning Rally”, a parodic and wild about a crazy road-trip, and “We’ll Return”, recorded at Sad Hill Cemetery from Sergio Leone’s masterpiece ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’, by Carlos Del Hierro (DelHierroFilms).

As the icing on the cake, their latest video ‘A Hostias‘ is their first song in spanish language; a fast and straight tune that closes this album. The video is an animated tour around the board game that includes the physical edition of the album.

Digital release – Landing Page

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