Brazilian Thrash/Death Metallers GUTTROLL releases single “Rules”, from upcoming album “Invalid Leaders” scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021!

The Thrash/Death Metal band Guttroll has released the single entitled “Rules” on all streaming platforms. The track is part of the album “Invalid Leaders”, recently recorded by the band and scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021.  The band released the lyric video for “Rules” together with the single on the youtube channel.


This single is the first work of the band with a new formation with Alex Melo on drums, Tulio Lobo on bass and Rafael Ojeriza on vocals and guitar.

The power trio comes with sound innovations mainly in the recording format, made in a totally analog way, which brings a totally natural punch to the songs since the band made the recordings playing, without digital resources. The material was produced entirely by Guttroll. Recording, mixing and mastering by Lisciel Franco at the Forestlab studio.

“Rules” brings up perhaps the most important issue within our society, because as the name says Rules, a cry of revolt against an entire system that manipulates and takes away from the individual his way of being and thinking the transformed just in a screw of a larger gear. The song also denounces the ways in which this system works, an idea present in the passage that says “create problems to sell solution, spread crumbs as retribution”, that is, “create problems to sell the solution and spread crumbs as retribution”.

The lyrics to “Rules” sound almost like a philosophical hymn to freedom with striking phrases like the one mentioned above, and others that make us really think about whether we are living the best way or not, in addition to bringing to light issues that are currently marginalized.

The single is certainly a showcase to which Guttroll came, giving the face to beat, a band that brings the purest root of the 80’s metal, with a sound taken in the nail, in the claw and in the will.
Music with drastic and innovative passages, where changes of tone happen in addition to sudden and dry turns.

Impressive how clear is the way that the drums have been growing along with the music, gaining body and speed at the same time. The bass appears firmly filling all the passages of the song, adding in a way placed in the right place and in a correct way. The guitar solo makes lovers of eighteenth-century thrash take a period trip.

All this combined with an aggressive guttural and with a unique interpretation. Anyway, “Rules” is an invitation for metal lovers to get to know Guttroll.

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