Metal releases 2021 – Week 18 (3.5.2021- 9.5.2021)

Metal releases 2021 Week 18 – May 3-9 list view below and on youtube here!

May 3rd, 2021GargoyleHail to the NecrodoomItalyDoom MetalFull-lengthSun & Moon Records
May 3rd, 2021TowerUrielPolandGothic/Death MetalFull-lengthGS Productions
May 4th, 2021Ice HowlErhan’s QuestUSDoom/Stoner/Heavy MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 5th, 2021Auld.​.​.​of Petrichor and IAustraliaFolk/Black MetalEPEschatonic Records
May 5th, 2021ShadowWolfInvocation of the Black FlameCanadaBlack Metal, AmbientFull-lengthWolfmond Production
May 6th, 2021A Baptism by FireDarkness Welcomed (5-year Anniversary Edition)CanadaProgressive Power MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 6th, 2021DisembodimentMutated ChaosCanadaDeath MetalEPEverlasting Spew
May 7th, 2021Aduanten Sullen Cadence USDeath MetalEPEihwaz
May 7th, 2021Ape VerminArctic NoiseUSSludge/Doom MetalEPIndependent
May 7th, 2021ArtilleryXDenmarkThrash MetalFull-lengthMetal Blade Records
May 7th, 2021BeekeeperSlaves To The Nothing USThrash MetalFull-lengthMetal Assault
May 7th, 2021Binary CreedInferno Part OneSwedenProgressive Power MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 7th, 2021Book of WyrmsOccult New AgeUSPsychedelic Stoner/Doom MetalFull-lengthDesert Records
May 7th, 2021BretusMaghariaItalyStoner/Doom MetalFull-lengthThe Swamp Records
May 7th, 2021CandlemassGreen ValleySwedenDoom MetalLive albumPeaceville Records
May 7th, 2021Chest RockwellRarities & the lost albumUSProgressive MetalCompilationSnow Wolf Records
May 7th, 2021CoscradhMesradh MachaeIrelandBlack/Death MetalEPInvictus Productions
May 7th, 2021Cvlt Ov The Svn We Are The DragonFinlandDark Rock/MetalFull-lengthNapalm Records
May 7th, 2021Empty ThroneGlossolaliaUSBlackened Death/Thrash MetalEPWise Blood
May 7th, 2021Ereb AltorEldens BoningSwedenViking/Black Metal EPHammerheart Records
May 7th, 2021Everlust Diary Of ExistenceLatviagothic rock / melodic metalFull-lengthWormholedeath
May 7th, 2021False MemoriesThe Last Night Of Fall Italygothic/doom metalFull-lengthFrontiers
May 7th, 2021FangePantocratorFranceSludge MetalEPThroatruiner Ṙecords
May 7th, 2021Feed Them DeathNegativeUKDeath Metal/GrindcoreFull-lengthBrucia Records
May 7th, 2021Garden of EyesBoomhammerUKDeath MetalEPAncient Entity Records
May 7th, 2021GatewayFlesh RebornBelgiumDeath/Doom MetalEPChaos Records
May 7th, 2021Ghost IrisComatoseDenmarkTechnical MetalcoreFull-lengthLong Branch
May 7th, 2021Gottweist ProphecyCanadaHeavy MetalEPCollective Wave
May 7th, 2021Grey AuraZwart vierkantNetherlandsAtmospheric/Post-Black MetalFull-lengthOnism Productions
May 7th, 2021GrimgottsTales, Sagas & LegendsUKSymphonic Power MetalCompilationIndependent
May 7th, 2021HaditWith Joy and Ardour Through the Incommensurable PathItalyDeath/Black MetalFull-lengthentient Ruin Laboratories
May 7th, 2021HerzschlagerAll The Nights Are DoneUKHardcore/MetalEPRotting Throne
May 7th, 2021Immortal SÿnnForce of HabitUSHeavy MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 7th, 2021In AsymmetryAshes of Dead WorldsChileTechnical Death MetalFull-lengthComatose Music
May 7th, 2021InfernoParadeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)CzechiaBlack MetalFull-lengthDebemur Morti Productions
May 7th, 2021J. D. OverdriveFuneral CelebrationPolandSouthern/Stoner MetalFull-lengthMetal Mind Productions
May 7th, 2021Kataan Kataan USBlack/Death MetalEPProsthetic
May 7th, 2021KosmodemonicLiminal LightUSBlackened Doom MetalFull-lengthTransylvanian Tapes
May 7th, 2021Kryptik MutationPulled From the PitUSDeath/Thrash MetalFull-lengthRedefining Darkness
May 7th, 2021Last AgonyThe Imminent SlaughterCanadaBlack Metal/Punk/HardcoreFull-lengthSentient Ruin
May 7th, 2021Led to the GravePray for DeathUSDeath/Thrash MetalEPHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
May 7th, 2021Lord VampyrThe Vampire’s LegacyItalyIndustrial/Gothic MetalFull-lengthSleaszy Rider Records
May 7th, 2021Marius Danielsen’s Legend of Valley DoomMarius Danielsen’s Legend of Valley Doom Part 3NorwaySymphonic Power MetalFull-lengthCrime Records
May 7th, 2021Mephitic GraveInto The Atrium Of Inhuman MorbidityHungaryDeath MetalFull-lengthCarbonized
May 7th, 2021Moon CovenSlumber WoodSwedenPsychedelid/Doom MetalFull-lengthRipple
May 7th, 2021Nehushtan Book 1: Medusa’s RevengeUKBlack/Sludge MetalFull-lengthTrepnation
May 7th, 2021NightshadowStrike Them DeadUSPower MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 7th, 2021Nordic FrostSovereignUSBlack/Death MetalEPRebel Pyro Musick
May 7th, 2021NordjevelFenriirNorwayBlack MetalEPIndie Recordings
May 7th, 2021OsiahLossUKTechnical DeathcoreFull-lengthUnique Leader Records
May 7th, 2021Out of HandExilityPuerto RicoThrash/Death MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 7th, 2021PentralWhat Lies Ahead Of UsBrazilGroove/progressive MetalFull-lengthindependent
May 7th, 2021Pistols At DawnNocturnal YouthUSHard Rock/MetalEPindependent
May 7th, 2021Poisoned SpeedQuick and DirtyGermanyHeavy/Speed MetalFull-lengthMorbid and Miserable
May 7th, 2021Reality GreyBeneath This CrownItalyMelodic Death MetalFull-lengthBlood Blast Distribution
May 7th, 2021A Rising ForceUndertowUSHard Rock/MetalFull-lengthHighVol
May 7th, 2021SalivaEvery Twenty YearsUSHard Rock/NU MetalEPMegaforce
May 7th, 2021SaponificationOpus of ExtinctionUSSlam/Brutal Death MetalFull-lengthGhastly Music
May 7th, 2021SeekerCall It A HatredUKMetalcoreEPIndependent
May 7th, 2021Servant Leader Raised By Wolves – Part 2UKAlternative Rock, Heavy MetalFull-lengthLeighviathan
May 7th, 2021SethLa morsure du ChristFranceBlack MetalEPSeason of Mist
May 7th, 2021Skarlett Riot InvictaUKAlternative Metal MetalcoreFull-lengthDespotz
May 7th, 2021SolsticeCasting the DieUSDeath/Thrash MetalFull-lengthEmanzipation Productions
May 7th, 2021Sonic HavenVagabondGermanyHeavy MetalFull-lengthFrontiers
May 7th, 2021Sumo CycoInitiationCanadaRock/Metal CrossoverFull-lengthNapalm Records
May 7th, 2021SupervøidThe Giant NothingUKDooim/Noise/SludgeFull-lengthSubsound
May 7th, 2021TerminalistThe Great AccelerationDenmarkBlack/Thrash MetalFull-lengthIndisciplinarian
May 7th, 2021TraumatomyExtirpation ParadigmsInternationalSlam/Brutal Death MetalFull-lengthIndependent
May 7th, 2021VarkanButcherUSThrash/Heavy MetalEPMetal Assault Records
May 7th, 2021VokonisOdysseySwedenStoner/Doom MetalFull-lengthThe Sign Records
May 7th, 2021WormlightNightmotherSwedenBlack MetalFull-lengthBlack Lion Records
May 8th, 2021SteelpreacherBack from HellGermanyHeavy MetalFull-lengthA Chance for Metal

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