Finnish melodic metal band Scars Of Solitude releases new single ‘No Riddance’ from the upcoming EP

The Finnish melodic metal quartet Scars of Solitude has released a new single. No Riddance is the second single taken from the group’s upcoming EP called If These Walls Could Talk to be released later this year.

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According to the band’s singer/guitarist Tuomo Laulainen “No Riddance is a explosively energetic and vitally melodic metal anthem with a catchy chorus of which’s energy and straightforwardness is borrowed from pop-punk. The song used to go with the working title ’Paramore’ for a long time. The song’s lyrics were written during the sleepless nights accompanied by arrythmia and anxiety as if it were the exact opposite of the song’s musical side.”

Photographer: J-V Hintikka

The music video for No Riddance was filmed during the “busy gigging year” of 2020 and it is filled with the band’s hearty spirit and its live energy. Luckily the band could go and play most of their planned shows safely even during the weird year and only had to cancel two of them.

The EP still has no release date but it should see the light of day during the second half of the year. More details will follow once the release date has been set.


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