Finnish atmospheric metal band ALASE released a new single and video!

“Vailla nimeä” single continues on Alase‘s new, more progressive path. There are two vocalists in the song, of which Juha Tretjakov sang in Alase’s previous song “Poissa silmistä”. Another vocalist, Markus Hirvonen, has sung in several Alase songs (most recently on “Jäljet”), and he has also been the band’s live vocalist. A variety of different vocal styles have been utilized in the song, ranging from brutal growls through screams to beautiful melodic singing. The lyrics and composition go hand in hand, starting with the gloomy wintery death doom metal, moving towards spring and light. “Vailla nimeä” showcases a more modern style than what the band’s previous material has had, and there are more technical riffs and drum parts aboard.

Promo pic by Esa Pitkälä

Markus’ and Juha’s voices fit together very well and sometimes it’s even hard to tell which one is singing at that moment. However, the use of two vocalists in the song allowed more versatility in vocal arrangements – we’re extremely happy with the result. There are more djenty style rhythms in this song than what we usually have had and at least to me it is an interesting addition to the Alase sound. Still, melody and clean vocals play a major role this time too.”

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Alase is working on several new songs that will be released as digital singles. The band also has plans for several music videos. Although there are not going to be any live shows for a while due to the situation of the world, the band is constantly working on new music.

Track list:

  1. Vailla nimeä

single cover art by Sakke Paavola


Juha Tretjakov & Markus Hirvonen: vocals on Vailla nimeä
Janne Lunnas: Guitars
Mikko Häkälä: Guitars
Ari Miettinen: Bass
Markus Majaniemi: Drums


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