Vuosisata – Kuilu (Doomy Black Metal from Finland)

Vuosisata is a black/doom/atmospheric metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The band mixes the sounds of downtempo lo-fi black metal with elements of doom and atmospheric metal, making their music a good fit for fans of Forgotten Tomb, Totalselfhatred, Shape of Despair, Këkht Aräkh, Lifelover, Nocturnal Depression, and the like.

The band’s second release, “Kuilu,” featuring two tracks of churning depressive black metal, was just released on Bandcamp (March 16, 2024) and will be available on all major digital platforms on April 3rd. In addition to the digital release, a very limited number of cassettes will be available for purchase on the band’s Bandcamp page

Vuosisata is a solo project, with all music written, performed, and recorded by Vuosisata himself. The only exception is the female backing vocals, which are arranged, performed, and recorded by Carline Van Roos of Lethian Dreams.

Vuosisata – Kuilu (EP)

  1. Kuilu
  2. Ikuinen

Release Date March 16, 2024

Cover art: “Tod” by Käthe Kollwitz, 1897