Irish Thrashers UNMAKER release their debut album ‘Limb From Limb’ on 12th May.

Irish thrashers UNMAKER release their debut album ‘Limb From Limb’ on 12th May.
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Conjuring up influences from the early Bay Area Thrash explosion with a peppering of German aggression from the likes of Kreator/Sodom, Dublin City’s Unmaker are flying the flag for old school, brutal, fast Thrash Metal, with their new album ‘Limb From Limb’.
Formed in the Irish capital back in late 2019/early 2021, Unmaker’s sound is raw, unbridled and in your face. Taking inspiration from ruggedness of early Slayer, Possessed and Sepultura, and applying it to a tornado of speed, groove and aggression, the bands’ impact on the thriving Irish underground scene was welcomed with immediate acclaim. 

Using the downtime of the pandemic, the band began writing and recording their debut, ‘Limb from Limb’ – ferocious collection of eight exhilarating tracks that are designed to cause mayhem in your local pit. 
Speaking of the new single, vocalist, Aaron Gilbert says: “As the song that defined Unmaker’s MO, it seemed fitting to have “Limb From Limb” released as a single right before the album drops, as a sign of things to come. It also marks the band’s debut music video release. 
The track has a heavy emphasis on heft. In a word, you could say it is “violent”. It is the culmination of all your built-up anxiety and trauma, until the lid can no longer sustain the pot, and the cap is blown off in a fit of rage. The guitar work on this track explores different genres such as thrash, and death metal. There is also an emphasis on bass, to make the track hit as hard as possible.”
With the album set for release on May 12th, Unmaker will be celebrating on a short run of dates with US Heavy Metal force, Night Demon for their scheduled Irish dates in Belfast and Dublin. 

‘Limb From Limb’ track listing:
To War!
Drop Dead
Limb From Limb
Point Break
False Disciple

The cover artwork for the album was created by Very Metal Art.