Ohio Death-Thrashers DIESOMNIA Announce Pray for the Flood EP, Release Lyric Video for “No Truth”

Ohio death-thrashers Diesomnia are set to unleash their debut EP, Pray for the Flood upon the masses. The release, originally slated for 2020 but sidelined by the pandemic, is finally ready to see the light of day.

Diesomnia is offering a taste of what’s to come with a lyric video for the EP’s first single, “No Truth.” The band comments on the song “‘No Truth’ was one of the first songs we put together when this lineup came together, letting us know that this was the lineup we had been looking for. You can hear the styles and influences blending together on this one, each member sharing the load. Unfortunately, thanks to all the happenings in the world it ended up locked for two years before it was able to see the light of day again. Finally, it is being let out of the cage.”

Check out “No Truth” at youtu.be/gSeSq71Iigw

With a combination of thundering riffs, sharp dynamics, and prominent drums, Diesomnia builds a blend of death metal, thrash metal, and heavy metal, combined with a sense of artistry and aggression.

Diesomnia is the bastard child of four Ohio and West Virginia veteran bands. In 2017 Diesomnia unleashed its fury on the world with the release of the single “Life of Stone”. Diesomnia comprises musical influences from bands such as Slayer, DevilDriver, Sylosis, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Thy Art is Murder, Cannibal Corpse, and many more.

Throughout 2018 and 2019 Diesomnia began writing material and sharing the stage with notable acts such as Tennessee’s Whitechapel and Russia’s Slaughter To Prevail. Armed with a list of new songs the band made plans to record their first album in early 2020.

Just as Cary began laying the first drum tracks the pandemic hit, slowing everything to a crawl. On top of the pandemic singer Chad Cochran’s job took him out of state. Although it took time to adjust and accommodate the band continued to meet, write, and record when the metal gods deemed it so. At long last, in November of 2022, hell had frozen over. Diesomnia finished recording and passed tracks on to veteran Eric Rachel for mixing. The band is excited to return to the stage in 2023 in support of their upcoming EP release, Pray for the Flood.

Pray for the Flood comes out on June 16.

1 – Pray for the Flood
2 – No Truth
3 – Blood Red Sorrow
4 – The Art of Hopelessness
5 – A Cure for Weakness
6 – You Will Know Loss

Diesomnia is:
Cary Alltop – Drums
Chad Cochran – Vocals
Tony Haughawout – Bass
Sean O’Bryan – Guitar
Chris Yake – Guitar



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