Metal & Hard Rock releases 2023 – Week 1 (2nd – 8th of January)

Still quiet, Only 17 Metal & Hard Rock releases listed on week 1/2023 (2nd – 8th of January). next week already looks normal, more than 50 releases coming! Check releases on youtube here:

Release DateBandAlbumCountryGenreTypeLabel
January 2nd, 2023Born a GhostStairway to an Empty RoomUSDrone/Doom/Post-MetalEPIndependent
January 2nd, 2023Mourning ForestL'immonde fanaisonFranceBlack MetalFull-lengthHass Weg Productions
January 2nd, 2023PeelingFleshPF RadioUSSlam/Brutal Death MetalEPVile Tapes Records
January 3rd, 2023Red EyesA Chama SatânicaPortugalBlack/Thrash MetalFull-lengthIndependent
January 5th, 2023Drakon Ho MegasΈλευσις ΑντίχριστουGreeceBlack MetalFull-lengthFloga Records
January 5th, 2023IntrepidSlaying of Sanity/Murder of MindEstoniaDeath MetalEPKnife Fight Media
January 5th, 2023Sons Of CultBack To The BeginningSpainHeavy MetalFull-lengthXtreem
January 6th, 2023AklolehAybiker RitualUSBlack/Death MetalFull-lengthOff Beet
January 6th, 2023Celestial ShadowsThe Tragedy of CalufraxAustraliaExperimental Black MetalFull-lengthRassilon Records
January 6th, 2023Daedric ChamberDragon Cult RisingUSBlack MetalEPIndependent
January 6th, 2023IravuA Fate Worse than HomeMalaysiaAtmospheric Black MetalFull-lengthFiadh Productions
January 6th, 2023SerenityMemoria Heavy/Power MetalLive/CompilationNapalm
January 6th, 2023The Howling VoidInto Darkness Ever More ProfoundUSSymphonic/Funeral Doom MetalFull-lengthFunere
January 6th, 2023Throat LocustDragged Through GlassUSDeath MetalEPIndependent
January 6th, 2023VarmiaPrologPolandBlack/Folk MetalEPIndependent
January 6th, 2023VosbúðHeklugjáIcelandBlack MetalFull-lengthIndependent
January 7th, 2023EremusMonólogoPortugalBlack MetalFull-lengthIndependent