Norse Heavy Metal Legends EINHERJER To Release New Album, North Star and Re-Mastered Version of Legendary Debut Album, Dragons Of The North on February 26

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Viking Metal pioneers EINHERJER will release their eighth studio album, North Star, on February 26, proving their status as the pioneers of blending Nordic Black Metal and Folk Metal genres into pure Norse Heavy Metal once again.The album marks the band’s return to Napalm Records after 25 years, and the release of their legendary Dragons Of The North album (1996), which will be re-released as a re-mastered version on February 26 as well.
Watch the official video for the second single The Blood And The Iron” HERE:
Einherjer continue
their development on North Star and increase the hit density and accessibility once again without losing old fans. Strong move!”
– Sebastian Kessler, Metal Hammer Germany –North Star Tracklist:
1. The Blood And The Iron
2. Stars
3. West Coast Groove
4. Ascension
5. Higher Fire
6. Echoes In Blood
7. Listen To The Graves
8. Chasing The Serpent
North Star will be available in the following formats:– LP Gatefold Vinyl Marble Green transparent with black + Slipmat + Poster – strictly limited to 200 copies (Napalm Records mailorder only)
– LP Gatefold Vinyl Gold – strictly limited to 300 copies (Napalm Records mailorder only)
– LP Gatefold Vinyl Red
– LP Gatefold Vinyl Black
– 1 CD Digipack
– Digital album
[LP Gatefold Vinyl Marble Green transparent with black + Slipmat + Poster – strictly limited to 200 copies (available at Napalm Records mailorder only)]
 EINHERJER will re-release their groundbreaking debut album, Dragons Of The North, in the year of its 25th anniversary in a re-mastered version! The seminal work of pioneering Viking Metal masters EINHERJER has stood the test of time with a legacy that continues to this day. The 1996 classic album Dragons Of The North has paved the genre’s path for years to come and will now be re-released after its initial release on Napalm Records 25 years ago!
Available as Black Vinyl Gatefold LP, as well as Blue/White Vinyl Gatefold LP (limited to 300 copies), this is a must have for fans of early northern Viking Metal with Black Metal inspired production and sound!
Dragons Of The North Tracklist:
1. Dragons of the North
2. Dreamstorm
3. Forever Empire
4. Conquerer
5. Fimbul Winter
6. Storms of the Elder
7. Slaget ved Hafrsfjord
8. Ballad of the Swords
Dragons Of The North will be available in the following formats:– LP Gatefold Vinyl Inkspot Blue/White & Poster – strictly limited to 300 copies (Napalm Records mailorder only)
– LP Gatefold Vinyl Black & Poster
– 1-CD Jewel Case
– Digital album
Frode Glesnes states:
“Dragons united! It is with great enthusiasm we can announce a new partnership with Jörg Düsedau and Dragon Productions. A great match in ambition, experience and dedication. We can’t wait for the smoke to clear so we can present “North Star” from the stage. We are ready as soon as the world allows.” Dragon Productions managing director Jörg Düsedau adds:
EINHERJER was the very first international band that I was in contact with, when I stumbled into this booking business many years ago. Somehow we lost contact back in the days, but finally EINHERJERjoined the Dragon family some years ago. Another agent was in charge at that time and again we lost contact for unknown reasons. Over the years we met many times and always had great moments together. But when I met Frode and the lads again on the 70000 tons of metal 2020, we started to talk seriously again and decided to renew our business relation. The Dragons of the North are finally united again!”

Gerhard Storesund: Drums, Keyboards
Frode Glesnes: Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Ole Sønstabø: Lead Guitars
Tom Enge: Guitars, Backing Vocals

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